About 1

Myself Er. Atulendra Dubey is more popular as an Artist Atul Ojhal among my followers and well-wishers. ’Ojhal’ is my pen name. I kept this name after a divine experience. Coming from the family of science and engineering background it was intensely difficult to explore rather realize my passion towards art. Looking back at my life I realized that I was always inclined towards art and still recall few memorable experiences.

“Atul’s Sketchings” is not just an art; it has become love of many. Their love and appreciation keep me moving and motivate me to refine it to the next level. I am greatly thankful to all of them

Welcome to Atul’s Sketchings !

“Atul’s Sketchings” evolved through pure passion & hard practice of many weekends and sleepless nights.

The inspiration is to show the strength and power of a simple pencil. One of the main objectives is to make sketches perfect rather than faster. The second one is to present it to the major contributors in their respective fields on this beautiful planet.

Sketching is all about imagination. Larger you imagine the more real you could sketch. I remember when I used to pick up a photo, my mind used to start sketching in imagination like where to start, where to end and even I could imagine the photo in 3D. Time went by, completed my engineering graduation, 5 years of job as a ‘Software Engineer’, 5 years of job as a ‘Project Manager’, 2 years he worked as a ‘Technical Consultant’ and now a Managing Director.

I am a self-taught Artist. I started playing around with sketching on paper. Faces started coming out on sheet. The appreciation from friends and colleagues kept grooming my arts. The challenge was just to deliver realistic sketches that too only with pencils. Though it has been a very tough journey so far but very interesting. HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 10B in graphite pencils and Soft & Hard in charcoal pencils have been extensively used in my arts.