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So you are willing to get your sketch ?

How to order :

Fill up this Order Form on right. Name, Email, Phone, your mailing address, select your option (Oral or Fine Art), enter the brief description in Message box. Once we receive your request the rest will be taken care in exchange of mails. So please provide your details carefully.

The default size of the portrait would be up to size A3. But if you are willing to get bigger size, you could mention in your message. Bigger the size, higher would be the cost. There are two types of arts. One is Oral art and the other one is Fine Art. Demonstration of both the arts are in thebelow section.

Comparison of Original Photo, Oral Art and Fine Art

Arts On Demand 1


  • Fill all the fields correctly. All the fields are mandatory. Please do not forget to fill your expected price.
  • Price ranges from Rs. 25k. Price for art is very subjective so the real price for your art can be found out only via email communication.
  • Once we receive your first submission, the rest communication will be directly with you via your email only.
    There will not be any refund of amount paid for Oral Art.
  • In case of Fine Art, you will be sent the Oral Art first through email. If you like it and pay the rest of the amount then only we will proceed for Fine Art. Once we get the consent on Fine Art and payment confirmation, the amount will not be refunded !
  • You will have an option to cancel the order at Oral Art stage only. If you don’t like your Oral Art, you could cancel your order and you do not need to pay the rest of the amount.
  • The final art will be sent to your mailing address provided by you in the form.

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