November 10

Indian Sketch Artist ensures you mind-boggling talented artistic beauty!

When it occurs to the most admirable form of Indian Art then it has occupied its distinctive value around the

November 9

Secrets of Beautiful Sketching

If you have ever picked up a pencil or crayon or pen or just have doodled upon something over a

September 18

President of India portraits by Atul Ojhal | Fine Art | Atul’s Sketchings

Just have an immediate look at the figure and then sketch out the overall shape. Moving on further, you need

September 18

Shri Krishna, Sai Baba & Morari Bapu portraits by Atul Ojhal | Fine Art | Atul’s Sketchings

Learn how to sketch people and the human form can be somehow challenging since the techniques remain the same with

September 18

Ratan Tata, Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg portraits by Atul Ojhal

Turn your vision with these beautiful sketches!! If you desire to sketch then these heart-capturing sketches will lead you to

August 28

Poets, Writers & Lyricists drawn by Atul Ojhal | Fine Art | Atul’s Sketchings

Sketching is a flexible and easy process; it also provides a bright opportunity to an artist wherein he may work