August 19

Best Bharat Ratna Sketches are drawn by Atul Ojhal!

Sketching is the foundation of drawing as well as painting. Every great artist explores the art world while learning with

August 19

Indian Leaders & Social Activists Sketches drawn by Atul Ojhal || Fine Art

Sketches never get done for finished work however they ensure to provide basic ideas for the futuristic use. Sketching is

July 24

Best Sketching Artist in India

Painting is something that everyone loves to do from the age of 7 & more. When your mind turns out

May 14

How Sketch Artist turns your painting profession perfectly?

Sketching is one of the most basic parts of drawing as well as painting. Every great artist begins to explore

April 27

A mind-boggling Art Presentation to HariprasadChaurasia (Flute Maestro)

You would be glad to know that this was the time for me to feel proud of my arts once

December 12

Meeting with Pranab Mukherjee (President of India)

Friends, this was most awaiting and proud moment for me, when I was invited by 13th President of India, shri