Kiran Bedi ( First Woman IPS )

Kiran Bedi ( First Woman IPS )

Posted on: February 9,2014

Eternal feminine force Maa Durga is known to be the first woman of this universe. She is the nature and a creator of everything what we see, what we hear and what we speak. Without nature even Supreme can not produce anything. Though nature is been created by Supreme only. Women are the creator of our society. They bear the pain of this creation. They are in form of mother, sister and wife. They are the actual nation builder. They are the primary teacher of every child produced. That is the reason they are the most respectable creation of Almighty. It becomes our prime duty to offer our prayers to the eternal feminine force and deepest regards to women on this planet.

I have unparalleled regards to my mother and mothers of everyone. I was her child and now she is my child ! She is going to turn 63 years this year. I keep my hand on her shoulder and say, my child is grown up and 3 years old. She laughs 🙂 …I love her smile, I love taking care of her, I try to fulfill her desire, I just enjoy serving her…One day she was watching Kiran Bedi Ji’s interview on TV. She asked me about her. I told my mother that she was the very first women IPS. She dared to take decision of joining Indian Police Service at the time when women were not allowed to study itself. My statements echoed with in. Words strikes me and inspired me for drawing her on my canvas. I started and completed the above work.

Kiran Bedi Ji has lots of awards and accolades in her bag. She has been a role model for many youngsters especially girls for many years. She has always been against crime and criminals. Even after her retirement, she continued her service for public and mankind. She joined Anna Hazare for Jan Lokpal aandolan. And still continues her support for the party who works for India’s development and could give an stable government for the nation. She runs an NGO in Delhi named “India Vision Foundation”.

I have shared my work with Kiran Ji through mail. She has liked it. I would present her this work in my next visit to Delhi.

I would come soon with portrait of another personality soon. Till then you stay healthy, calm and wise !

Love & Regards,
Atul Ojhal