Anna Hazare- A face of our fight against corruption

Anna Hazare- A face of our fight against corruption

Posted on: June 30,2011

Anna Hazaare, a social activist, adorable human being, die hard working with unfathomable zeal and undoubtedly a reflection of our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi. Frankly speaking, I never heard this name before. But I regretted why I did not ! He is such an admirable person with immaculate soul. I gone through his old work and milestone he achieved and what all he did for common man conspicuously. I was really very much impressed about all his deeds. But I am feeling really bad as he is being simply ignored by the Govt on Lokpal Bill. Though his demands are clean, clear and in favor of common man who has been a hockey ball which is being hit by players one side bureaucrats and the other side ministers. Ball is going to be hit anyway irrelevant to its side at the same time. Anna protested against corruption in India. He wants to bring a system which would work against corruption. Hope Govt agrees to Anna’s demands on Lokpal Bill. I composed a poetry on current circumstances in our country and decided to sketch him. Here are few lines on the same.

कोई इस हक के लिए, कोई उस हक के लिए
चहुँ ओर फैली एक अजीब अफ़रा तफ़री है,
जो एक किसी के पीछे, वो भी किसी के पीछे
मालूम किसी को नहीं कौन किसका खबरी है /

स्वतंत्रता पर होती बुदबुदाहट गुलामी की
आवाम के प्रतिनिधि पर होता अत्याचार है,
निस्वार्थ लड़ता लडाई जो केवल गैरों के लिए
उस के साथ भी हो रहा कुटिल व्यवहार है /

भ्रष्टाचार दमन पर होते इस अत्याचार पर
आहत अकेले हम नहीं, शायद पूरा देश है,
कोशिश यही हो, सबको हक मिले जायज
क्यूंकि वही अभियाचना, वही परिवेश है /

I have tried to portray his sacred soul as a true follower and a great worshiper of Gandhi Ji. Anna always fought for the common man on good reasons without any selfishness using his weapon of truth and non-violence. Today the entire nation backing him up for accomplishing his dream except for people who either extremely inconsiderate and cunning or involved in corruption.
In my sketch, you could see Gandhi ji’s embarrassing and crying face which is a very rare one. I never saw Gandhi ji’s crying face, in fact never heard about it. His face reflects his anger on today’s circumstances. He is not at all happy by seeing this happening. I am pretty sure he must be seeing this from heaven. He was an immortal soul and must have got a bliss. But yes, he is inspiring and motivating people for doing such things for human welfare. In intent, he found Anna an appropriate soul for this. A soul which thinks for others, which does for others, which is living only for others. Undoubtedly, Anna is walking on the same track which is built of concrete, made of Gandhi Ji’s rules and strong determination, with a lathi of truth and non-violence. Anna Ji has recently announced also, he will fight for common man till his death!
I salute you Anna Ji for this initiative. Not only me, the entire nation, from school children, youth brigade to elders. People from the street to a palace, all are with you and your campaign. Go Anna Go! we are with you and wish you for your better health, strong determination and consistent focus on human welfare!
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Love & Regards,
Atul Ojhal